About Me

Melek Mazici (born November 25, 1956 Istanbul, Turkey) is a visual and graphic artist based in Finland since 1981.

Mazici has studied at the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts. As an artist, Mazici is versatile and experimental, producing visual art, paintings, photographs, graphic art and installations.

Melek Mazici often blends various techniques. She has produced many works using the image on technique, combining both photography and graphics.

Mazici describes herself as an aesthete. Organic shapes, such as flowers or landscapes, are often the starting point for her work. These themes often signify the landscape of the mind. “The colours are from Turkey, the mood from Finland,” she says.

Mazici arrived in Finland in 1981. After initially settling in Turku, she later made Helsinki her hometown. Combining both Finnish and Turkish culture has become a way of life as well as a strong source of artistic inspiration.

Mazici is a two-time recipient of the five-year Finnish State Grant for Artists. Her works are featured in numerous collections around the world, including the Helsinki City Art Museum and the Finnish National Gallery. In Turkey, Mazici’s artwork is often exhibited at the Galeri Nev in Istanbul.